Studies have found the concept of fish having three second memories is a myth and goldfish memories can last as long as three months.

- ABC News, 24 maj 2006

That fish have an incredibly short memory is known to everyone. Unfortunately, like many well-known "facts", it is not true.

- The Guardian, 21 juni 2007

Goldfish three-second memory myth busted

- ABC News, 18 februari 2008

Three-second memory myth: Fish show they can remember things for up to five months

- Daily Mail, 7 januari 2009

Modern myth would have you believe that goldfish can't remember anything that happened more than three seconds ago …

- Mental floss, 24 maj 2010

In fact, goldfish have been trained to navigate mazes, and after a few months, a goldfish can recognize its owner.

- Jamie Frater, I call bullshit (Simon & Schuster 2011)

… The popular myth that goldfish have such short memories that they forget they have already been on one side of their fishbowl by the time they have returned seconds later is not true.

- The Jerusalem Post, 31 mars 2012

Minne som en guldfisk behöver inte vara det sämsta att ha. Glöm myten om att fiskar bara minns de senaste tre sekunderna! De kan exempelvis memorera den rätta vägen i en labyrint och har visat sig vara bra modeller för minnesforskare. 

- Expressen, 16 maj 2013

Goldfish brain slur is myth as scientists discover they have long-term memory

- Mirror, 2 juli 2014

Guldfisk har en glimrende hukommelse

- DR, 5 mars 2015

Ny forskning visar dock att vi borde vara tacksamma över att bli jämförda med guldfiskar – de har nämligen bättre koncentrationsförmåga än oss människor.
- Café, 13 januari 2016

It turns out that there is no evidence that goldfish – or fish in general – have particularly short attention spans or memories, despite what popular culture suggests.

- BBC, 10 mars 2017 

Despite the enduring “three-second memory” myth, even goldfish—which can live up to 40 years—can recall exact colors and locations of specific feeding tubes up to a year after exposure.

- NOVA, 4 september 2018

… The humble goldfish may not only have a longer memory than most people think, but may also be far smarter.

- University of Melbourne, 27 oktober 2019

The myth is that a goldfish's memory lasts about three seconds. This has been repeatedly debunked.

- NPR, 10 januari 2020

The goldfish were not in the least discombobulated, easily adapting to the new regime and only bothering with the lever at the right times of day. Clearly, goldfish are smarter than they are given credit for.

- Country Life, 19 juni 2021

Har guldfiskar verkligen dåligt minne? Svaret är: nej.

- DN, 27 april 2022

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