A message in English

Just had to say hello to my international readers, since some of you, according to the logs, seem to have found your way to this blog.

On faktoider.nu, there are right now 14 articles in English. These do, however, draw roughly as many viewers as the +300 in Swedish. Had I been interested in nothing but hits, I'd stick to English. (As well as Hitler, booze, and possibly sex, just to name three major crowd-pleasers.)

The main reason I keep the number of bi-lingual factoids limited is not the actual translations, but the fact that I then have yet another version of the same text to keep updated. That might not sound like much, but as it is, I publish articles (in Swedish) on the site and in a magazine, and I've recently had to turn about a hundred of them into a manuscript to be published. Depending on how things turn out, I might one day be able to spend far more time on sharing my discoveries with far more people.

The latest update on faktoider.nu, dear international listeners, is for you: Mata Hari in English.

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