Carl Sagan och exoplaneterna

By the time that you people are as old as I am, we should know, for all the nearest stars, whether they have planets going around them or not. We might know dozens or even hundreds of other planetary systems and see if they're like our own or very different or no other planets going around the stars at all. That will happen in your lifetime and it will be the first time in the history of the world that anybody found out, really, if there are planets around the other stars.

- Carl Sagan i Kosmos, avsnitt 7 (52:00)

Detta spelades in 1979; då var han 45 år, barnen han talar till är i tioårsåldern. Vid den tiden kände man till noll så kallade exoplaneter. Han skulle få rätt.

A total of 863 such planets (in 678 planetary systems, including 129 multiple planetary systems) have been identified as of January 29, 2013.

- Wikipedia: Exoplanets

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