Tyckt om TV

Many leaders of public opinion charge television today with mediocrity - with catering to the lowest common denominator of people's interest - trying to please all the people all the time. [...] It is charged with shameless imititativeness - as one critic put it, a case of the bland leading the bland.

Denna kritik kommer inte från en tyckare i mängden, utan från den högste chefen på en stor reklambyrå. Därav slutklämmen i detta stycke:

Our agency's research shows clearly that the grumbling is not confined to the professional critics. The Index of Boredom has been rising steadily. But people are long-suffering - they will watch programs that bore them - but they tend to tune out their minds - which is bad for advertising.

Så: när tror ni att ovanstående skrevs?

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