George Hrab in Gothenburg

... Then, we're going to, to, to Gothenburg, or, if you want to pronounce it correctly, you can't. (Fniss) So don't even try... Cause it's Yuttebuhhr. No no no no, it's pronounced Yutteburr, oh sorry, Yuteburg? No no no no, Yuteburr, no no no no, Yoeteburr, no no no no, Yoete... All right, fuck you Gothenburg! Fine, Gothenburg, welcome to Gothen... No, seriously, I couldn't... Yuttiburgh... Yuttiburrh... Yuttibureh... Yuttibur... (Sigh!) I love it! It was so cool! Jonas Nordstrom met me, and drove me, and only got lost three times but drove me to a very nice lunch, where we had seafood soup - mmm! - and bread, that you actually cut yourself off the loaf. Yeah, see? In Sweden, they trust the public with knives, not so much here. Ahem, I played the gig at the club, ahem, was it Henriksberg, club Henriksberg, I met a cool soundguy whose name was Alex, I believe? Who had these massive tattooed arms and one of those kind of like haircuts where the sides is totally shaved and the top is really long and it kind of hold it's back in a ponytail, it's designed for headbanging I would have assumed, not to presume! Alex, I would only have presumed but I think his name was Alex but I'm not sure, but Alex enjoyed the show so much, he actualle GAVE me a cable. 'Cause he heard that I had lost my cable in Dublin, and at the end of the show, he said, you know you're very funny, and he gave me a cable. "Here, this is for the rest of the tour." How nice is that. A sound man - can you imagine that kids - american musicians, imagine a sound man, giving you a cable -- ehm, eh eh eh .... Exactly. Exactly! All of the Swedish skeptics that were there were so nice, were really really cool, the club was great, you know, it's funny, I'm doing all these gigs, and people are apologizing to me, that oh, sorry, only 40 people came to the gig. -- Gulp -- I'm like, I am 4000 miles away from home, er, 40 people is fine, 40 people is great! 60 people is, is yeah, 25 people is actually relly quite good, I'd literally played gigs across the street for me, here in Bethlehem, and 20 people showed up, so to be, THOUSANDS of miles away, and have 40-50-60 people, a 100 people, that's, it's, it's great. (Fniss.) Really. I'm having the time of my life so it's very cool, all right, then we leave Sweden because Oslo is not located in Sweden ...

- Från George Hrabs podcast, Geologic Podcast.

George diggade att svenska restauranggäster fick skära brödet själva; att dussintals personer dök upp, här, på andra sidan klotet, för att lyssna på honom; och hans dyrkan inför den göteborske ljudkille som lånade honom en sladd har inga gränser. Det sistnämnda vet jag inte riktigt hur jag ska försöka kompensera för, men Henriksberg! Vilket bra ställe.

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