von Sydows olika åldrar

In one scene from the film, Max von Sydow is actually wearing more makeup than the possessed girl (Linda Blair). This was because director Friedkin wanted some very detailed facial close-ups. When this film was made, von Sydow was 44, though he was made up to look 74. Alan McKenzie stated in his book Hollywood Tricks of the Trade that the fact "that audiences didn't realize von Sydow was wearing makeup at all is a tribute to the skills of veteran makeup artist Dick Smith."
- Wikipedia: The Exorcist (film)

I efterhand kan man se att maskeringen var ännu bättre än så. Några jämförelser:

Max von Sydow i Tre dagar för Condor (1975).

Max von Sydow i Exorcisten (1973).

Max von Sydow, 84 år, i Cannes, 2013.

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