Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla hade åren 1899-1900 ett laboratorium i Colorado Springs. Där togs den förmodligen mest berömda bilden av honom. Vad många verkar ha missat är att bilden är en dubbelexponering. Så klart.

To give an idea of the magnitude of the discharge the experimenter is sitting slightly behind the "extra coil". I did not like this idea but some people find such photographs interesting. Of course, the discharge was not playing when the experimenter was photographed, as might be imagined!

The streamers were first impressed upon the plate in dark or feeble light, then the experimenter placed himself on the chair and an exposure to arc light was made and, finally, to bring out the features and other detail, a small flash powder was set off.

- Nikola Tesla skriver om sig själv i tredje person, Colorado Springs notes, 1899-1900

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