Swedish Minister remembers being killed in the 14th century

Photo Frankie Fouganthin

On October 3, 2014, Kristina Persson was appointed Minister for Strategy, Future and Nordic Cooperation in the office of the new prime minister of Sweden, Stefan Löfven. As always, the new ministers soon saw their past lives revealed ... In Perssons case, very much so.

In 1995-2001 she had been county governor of Jämtland, a province in northern Sweden. One of the projects carried out during her tenure was called "Mindpower" ("Tankekraft"). It was an unemployment programme with a heavy dose of New age. In order to make people more attractive on the labour market they were taught "skills" like dowsing and psychokinesis.

When Persson was asked about the project, she defended it and described her own spiritual experiences. Like when she, during meditation, had "remembered" several former lives. She had been killed in the 14th century, in the 19th century she had been a poor farmer's wife in Finland, and in some life she had had some unspecified connection with Raoul Wallenberg.

 - Of course I wasn't Raoul Wallenberg, he died after I was born. [Yes, that would of course have been impossible.] But I could have been someone who was in touch with him.

When the critisism about the worthless courses erupted, she said she had been treated to unfair journalism:

 - They make up a belief and then try to prove it. It has nothing to do with reality.

Which, of course, is an apt description of regression therapy. It is also fitting that her former deeds come back to haunt her now, when she has been given a far more important position. Maybe she should have been made Minister of the Invented Past instead?

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Ulla Norin sa...

Andra säger att de tror på gud. Inte mycket bättre det.

Anonym sa...

Det är un inte många kristna som försöker mångla ut helbrägdagörelse och annan kristen vidskepelse som ams-utbildning.